Youth Training & ELDOA

There is ONE big reason why a child should do an ELDOA every day – and that is to EXERCISE.

With the increase of technology, poor posture and the increase/demand in sports at a young age – spinal health has become more important than ever.


ELDOA is the most effective exercise for normalizing spinal deviations such as Scoliosis. Scoliosis is defined by a rotational asymmetry that can cause a C or S-curve of the spine.  Standardized tests or screening, such as the Adam’s Forward Bend Test, for Scoliosis is common during adolescent ages, or middle school years. These tests tend to be very basic and only focus the most visible or severe cases found among children leaving many cases unnoticed and untreated.  Typically, treatment protocols are limited to physical therapy, braces, and in severe cases can qualify youths for surgery.

In most cases, children or youth with spinal conditions do not require acute treatment. These conditions can be corrected with specific exercises, the ELDOA.

The ELDOA focuses on creating balance in the musculature and connective tissues around the spine by improving mobility and strength.  Most importantly the ELDOA exercises create a better awareness of posture and spinal alignment for kids that tend not to have a good understanding of what good posture is.  There are specific ELDOA’s for children to start doing these exercises at a young age.  As the child develops, during puberty/maturity, they can progress into specific ELDOA exercises that address each level of the spine.  It’s important to work with a certified ELDOA Therapist to properly apply these exercises for each individual.

Poor Posture

In today’s world our daily environment does not lend itself to helping maintain a proper functional posture.  Posture is the proper alignment of a joint or many joints to maintain the structure in its most functional and stress-free state.  In order to have proper posture, people need to have an awareness or a reference point to educate the body and mind to maintain organization.

Kids are introduced and stimulated at a young age with technology as a means of learning and entertainment.  Working with tech devices, computers, or looking into screens will continue to be a part of our daily culture as we age.  Additionally, conditions such as inactivity, poor awareness, lack of muscle tone, or unbalanced repetitive loads to the body can drive postural development problems.  So how do we live with this?

One of the ELDOA philosophies is “Structure dictates function”.  Looking at the early years of development a child needs to have good structure in order to have good function.  The body’s ability to communicate, avoid unneeded stresses or loads to joints and surrounding structures all play a part of the proper development process.

When the spine is misaligned due to poor posture, children can experience headaches & migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, irritability, TMJ syndromes, pinched nerves, lower back pain and overall pain. With a few ELDOAs many of these symptoms can easily be managed and improved!


The world of sports and competitive activities continue to evolve towards younger ages every year.  Youth sports has developed into a big business and the landscape has become very competitive to excel at all levels.  The increased physical demand of technical drills and repetitive movements can start as early as age 3, preparing a child to focus on 1 sport. This can cause long term neurological and physical development problems.  Impact, power and speed are a constant component in youth sports activities leading the way for an environment of increased injuries and risk early of trauma.  Although such standards as concussion protocol is now a part of many sports, implementation of injury prevention is still limited. ELDOA can be used as an effective tool for coaches to help their athletes recover with specific exercises to strengthen, mobilize, and improve awareness to maintain performance.

“A child is like a tree – Sometimes they grow fast, sometimes slow, sometimes uneven… managing the structure and development of the body will create a healthy environment and allow the child (tree) to grow and blossom.”

Irvine United School District is the first school district in the country implementing ELDOA in their education practice. IUSD has 16 Physical Education Teachers that have completed the ELDOA education and are out on the field each day implementing ELDOAs to thousands of elementary, middle, high school and special education students. Guy VOYER DO’s philosophy “Learn by Doing” can’t fit any better than within the IUSD as they are teaching students the importance of good posture and spinal health through EXERCISE.

Due to the great results and knowledge gained, IUSD added ELDOA Classes for the faculty and staff. For over 4 years Beach Fitness Certified ELDOA Trainers & Practitioners have been facilitating weekly ELDOA classes for the faculty and staff to improve posture and overall health. Healthy teachers, healthy students!