Bryce Turner

ELDOA Instructor Level 1-4, SOMA Training Instructor


Since 2012, Bryce Turner has been studying under the world-renowned French Osteopath Guy VOYER, DO. He graduated from the SomaTraining™ & SomaTherapy™ programs in 2016 and as a Certified ELDOA Trainer in 2017. In 2014, under the guidance and instruction of Guy VOYER DO, Bryce entered into the Osteopathy program at Sutherland Academy in Montréal, Canada (Académie Sutherland d’Ostéopathie), graduate candidate of 2022. Bryce’s advanced level makes him one of an elite few of approved ELDOA Instructors (Level 1 – 4) and SOMA Training Instructors in the US, offering educational courses for advanced level trainers, therapists, and practitioners. He is also appointed host for the 1st ELDOA 5.1 taught by Guy VOYER, DO, in April 2021, Montréal, Canada.

Bryce, co-founded Beach Fitness® in 2006 in Seal Beach, CA. Beach Fitness® has become a world-class facility that provides Osteopathic Fitness & Rehabilitation Techniques, ELDOA, Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Massage, Pilates, Yoga and Nutritional Counseling. Bryce and his team work with several school districts to provide proper training techniques for youth athletes and kids of all ages and fitness levels. Additionally, they have provided fitness and wellness programs to improve the health of the faculty and staff of these districts.

Beach Fitness®, was named Small Business of the Year for the 35th district of Orange County in 2010 and 2011. Beach Fitness has been regularly listed on OC’s Top 10 Hot List for Best Gyms in Southern California. Bryce was awarded “City of Seal Beach Businessman of the Year 2010”. His team of trainers, coaches, and therapists deliver results to hundreds of clients weekly.

Bryce earned his B.A. from UC Santa Cruz in Physical Anthropology. Due to his background as an avid fitness enthusiast and athlete, he concentrated in the field of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science. Bryce has been a fitness professional since 2004 and continues to learn by exploring philosophies and practices in the health and fitness industry. He has completed various programs such as the CHEK education, DNS, CrossFit, Weightlifting, FRC, and various rehabilitation techniques to name a few.

Bryce has excelled in training all levels of clients and professional athletes helping them improve function, strength, conditioning, and performance. He develops and facilitates the Osteopathic exercise and therapy programs at Beach Fitness. His goals are to teach, motivate, and work clients to surpass their goals while reaching balance and longevity in life.

Bryce is a sought after and respected educator who travels regularly around the country teaching courses and lecturing at industry leading conferences. He and his wife, Annika, reside in Long Beach, CA, with their three children, James, Jade, and William.