Antoinette De la Espriella

    Certified ELDOA Trainer


    Antoinette wants to help people move well & move often, not just in the gym but in everyday life. As an athelete herself, so much of what she has learned became part of who she is and how she works with her clients. Traits she lives and trains by are dedication, consistency, teamwork, and humbleness. Teamwork being the most valuable to her, as a personal trainer, she works diligently with her clients to achieve not only results, but a sustainable lifestyle of fitness. Her focus is predominantly on corrective exercise and injury prevention, using multiple methods of training, one being ELDOA. Antoinette believes it is truly an incredible feeling to live a life without pain or limitations due to physical/emotional ailments. She enjoys integrating parts of her clients lives and passions into their workout programs. For clients to see and feel the translation from the gym to their everyday life, is what she strive to achieve.