Bill Jewel

My best performance yet…” I wish to tell you the stretching class is adding great value to my weekly routine. This morning on the water was possibly the best performances on 3 minute pieces that I’ve yet to experience. Thanks for understanding that I am tightly wound together, the new stretching hurts like nothing else but it pays off big time. It’s working, what you did has allowed me to give up the toxic medicine today that masks over nerve pain. No more sharp muscle pains. Tomorrow, I plan to paddle alone at warm up EZ pace to feel my way back. I’ll keep you posted and thanks a million for your prompt scheduling and very physical approach to therapy.

Debbie Hale

“I have been working out with Bryce for over 10 years and I feel physically stronger than I ever have in my life. As a avid tennis player I rely on my health and fitness level and at 60 I am more energized and focused and never tired. Bryce is constantly pushing me with crazy challenging workouts that never leave me bored. Bryce’s encouragement, positive reinforcement, and insightful feedback keeps me 100% motivated and feeling fabulous. Beach Fitness has a great program and all the trainers are so nice. They always give a warm friendly and loud welcome when you arrive and leave for your workouts. It puts a smile on my face and makes me feel great. Thanks for keeping me on track with achieving my fitness goals.”