Beach Fitness FAQs


  • Be courteous and respectful of all others during class.
  • Follow instructions from instructors and posted signs.
  • No food or eating in the studio.
  • Turn off all cell phones and mobile devices prior to class.

How do I get started?

It’s simple! Click here and apply. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

How do you handle payments?

We want to make keeping your fitness program as simple as easy to maintain as possible. Your training sessions will be renewed automatically based on your first package purchased after your intro package. There are no contracts, meaning you can stop the renewal of sessions at any time. If you need a break and have sessions remaining on a package they will remain on your account until you are ready to resume. 

  • Personal Training Sessions – with this option each time you complete a package your credit card will be automatically charged for your next package of ten sessions.
  • CrossFit & Group Fitness Classes – For UNLIMITED packages, every month your credit card will be automatically charged for your next month of classes. For 10 class packages your package will be renewed after you use your 10th class.

We do not have memberships that have a contracted time frame. All packages are based on a month-to-month or package-to-package purchase. However we do require a 30 day notice to stop the AutoPay by emailing:

Account Access

You may access your statement or a receipt of sessions used at any time by logging onto and clicking the <CLIENT LOGIN> link and setting up your account. 

What's your cancellation policy?

Beach Fitness has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Failure to cancel within this time frame or failure to show up for a session may result in the full charge for the session. In order to maintain a proper schedule for both the client and trainers, we reserve the right to charge you the cost of that session. Exceptions will only be made in the case of a medical emergency accompanied by a doctor’s note. Please call us at 562.493.8426 or email us at of you have any concerns or questions.

TRAINER RESCHEDULING – In order to accommodate your scheduling needs your trainer may be substituted without prior notice. Beach Fitness will make the best attempt to notify you in advance of any scheduling changes.

Can I get a refund?

We have a NO REFUND POLICY on all service packages purchased. If there is some reason that you are unable to continue your fitness program please contact us at or call 562.493.8426 to discuss a possible transfer or account credit option.


Description of Potential Risks – I understand that no exercise program is without inherent risks regardless of the care taken by a personal trainer and that my personal safety cannot be guaranteed by my personal trainer. I realize that when participating in any exercises, particularly those that induce cardiovascular stress, there is a chance of serious injury (e.g. heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular accidents) or catastrophic incident (e.g., death, paralysis). Likewise, I know that engaging in muscular endurance, strength building, and other fitness activities sometimes results in minor injuries (e.g.; bruises, musculoskeletal strains and sprains), less frequently, more serious injuries (e.g., muscle tears, herniated disks, torn rotator cuffs) and rarely, catastrophic injury (e.g., death, paralysis).

Participant Responsibilities – I understand that it is my responsibility to 1) fully disclose any health issues or medications that are relevant to participation in a strenuous exercise program; 2) cease exercise and report promptly any unusual feelings (e.g. chest discomfort, nausea, difficulty breathing, apparent injury) during the exercise program; and 3) clear my participation with my physician.

Participant Acknowledgements – Agreeing to this exercise program I acknowledge that my participation is completely voluntary. I understand the potential physical risks involved in the exercise program and believe that the potential benefits outweigh those risks. I give consent to certain physical touching that may be necessary to ensure proper technique and body alignment. I understand that the achievement of your health or fitness goals cannot be guaranteed. I have had a voice in planning and approving the activities selected for my exercise program. I have been able to ask questions regarding any concerns I might have, and have had those questions answered to my satisfaction. I am in good physical condition, have no impairment, which might prevent my participation in such activities, and have been advised to consult a physician prior to beginning this program. I have been advised to cease exercise immediately if I experience unusual discomfort and feel the need to stop.

Nutritional Therapy Program FAQs

What is Nutritional Therapy/A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners have trained to assess each person on a case by case basis and provide personalized recommendations for their food choices, but also with the emotional support that goes into this.

What is the difference between a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are unique in three main ways:

  1.       We mainly work with properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods and/or whole food supplements. We concentrate on the quality of food we eat and bio-individuality. We analyze, assess, and recommend foods and/or whole foods supplements based on your unique needs. We believe in the healing power of whole foods and your body’s innate intelligence and its ability to heal. NTP’s do not count calories, weigh food, recommend processed food or believe in “dieting”.
  2.       We focus on your Bio-individual Foundations such as digestion, blood sugar balance, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration. We evaluate these foundations and look for ways to enhance your body’s performance by getting it the nutrients it needs. We also use a functional assessment to better evaluate your vibrant health & wellness.
  3.       We use Functional Evaluation (see below) and Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) biofeedback method as a part of nutritional therapy assessment. Your Body’s Innate Intelligence guides us towards your radiant health.

Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, and other dietitians, on the other hand, recommend diets, counting calories, weighing foods and focus on governmental guidelines that often recommend processed foods and general quantity guidelines.

Who are your clients?

We work with people with a variety of health issues ranging from digestive complaints to fatigue, or someone who just wants to start eating healthy and is fed up with counting calories, dieting and not feeling good. We work with people who want to stay off medications, lose weight, sleep better, relieve pain, control sugar addiction, improve skin issues, and just feel better overall.

What is the Functional Assessment (FA) and Lingual-Neuro Testing Technique (LNT)?

The Functional Assessment is a thorough process where we find out if your body is deficient and/or out of balance regarding certain nutrients based on your Foundational Health. Through this technique, including Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT), we will find out what foods and/or supplements help your body to be in a state of balance and sufficiency. During Functional Evaluation we also measure your pulse, take your blood pressure, etc. You are unique and this process is very Bio-individual. Your Body’s Innate Intelligence guides us towards your optimal health. It is recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothes for this part of consultation. Smoking, eating, drinking, brushing teeth is not allowed 30 minutes before a session.

Do I have to do the Functional Assessment if I do not feel comfortable with it?

The Functional Evaluation is an optional test or an indicative tool to help assess you further, it can help “speed up” your healing process. During the FA/LNT your body will tell us what it needs and/or does not need.

Do you use supplements in your practice?

Our main focus is improving health and longevity using a properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole food diet and proper digestion. However, yes we work with a high-quality, whole food supplement line, which is FDA approved. These supplements are sometimes used to facilitate the beginning of the healing process but can be also used for maintenance depending on your needs. We do not require that you take supplements to work with me, we simply offer them as a way to reach results more efficiently. The company we use complies with pharmaceutical standards, yet does not use any synthetic ingredients, additives, pesticides, herbicides or artificial ingredients. Many commercial supplement lines that you get in the health food stores do not have to comply with the FDA regulation.

What should I expect from my first consultation?

You talk, we listen. We will need to know your major health concerns, your ancestral heritage, your family history, your dietary and lifestyle habits, etc. The first consultation is always important in order to determine the future steps and how we can help you. Before your initial assessment, there are important evaluation forms to fill out and get back to me at least 2 days prior to your appointment, including a Confidential Health Questionnaire, a 5 Day Food Journal and an online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).

What should I expect from my next session?

We will measure and monitor your progress. We will discuss the next plan of action at each consultation. You always go home with support (handouts, resources, book recommendations, etc.) and some type of “assignment” to do before the next session.