ELDOAUSA is an education company that teaches

students how to think comprehensively about

the body to enable human performance.

Since 2015, ELDOAUSA has been providing ELDOA courses to hundreds of students around the world respecting Guy VOYER DO’s education paradigm. Founder of ELDOAUSA, Bryce Turner, is one of the most sought after and respected instructors in the program, committed to providing the highest quality courses to all students.

ELDOAUSA’s 3 core functions are represented by:


Application of anatomical concepts in exercise physiology to enable all ages, body types, and fitness levels to maximize human performance.


Specific methodologies that treat the cause of the body’s disruption by stimulating the structural and biological systems to heal.


To engage and challenge students from the typical application of exercise to a more comprehensive model of learning and utilization of human biomechanics by integrating the concept of tensegrity: “Structure Dictates Function”.

Within these core functions we provide: Uncompromised Quality Teaching, Attention to Details, Commitment to Improvement, and Teamwork.

Uncompromised Quality Teaching

ELDOAUSA is committed to provide the highest quality courses in a professional environment and manner to ensure the best student experience. We are providing a clear, concise and collaborative teaching methodology within the Guy VOYER, DO education paradigm.

The Attention is in the Details

The company philosophy is led by the attention to details – not only within the education alone – but in every aspect where our students interact. This allows for an unparalleled experience and value.

Commitment to Improvement

We are committed to continuing education. Staying at the forefront of the latest techniques and research is of the highest priority. Our ongoing dedication to learning is what makes the courses highly appreciated and valuable for the students.


ELDOAUSA is a network of Certified ELDOA Trainers, ELDOA student-practitioners, SOMA Trainers, SOMA Therapists, Doctors and Researchers that allow our students to attain outstanding results and success.

“The lemniscate is a vertical and/or horizontal figure 8 that explains the unending nature or link of the fascia within the body. It is the symbolic representation of synthesis in action. It blends the nature of duality with the point of intersection holding the truth of the action. It is sacred healing symbol emanating equality, balance and rhythm inherent in all things.”