Professional teams and organizations that have benefited from ELDOAUSA education.

ELDOAUSA works with professional teams, coaches and athletes organizing education, programs and specialized workshops
customized to each organization’s or individual’s needs.

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Edmonton Oilers

Kansas City Chiefs

Landow Performance

        Los Angeles Dodgers

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Neil Rampe, Head Athletic Trainer, LA DODGERS

Our staff has had a great experience learning the ELDOA Method from Bryce. We are looking forward to our continued implementation and evolution in our understanding and application of Guy VOYER DO’s work.

Sue Falsone, First Female Head Athletic Trainer in the 4 major US sports, PT, Author and Performance and Rehab Specialist

Taking an ELDOA course had been on my to-do list for quite some time. The concepts of ELDOA fit directly with my philosophy, creating a seamless integration into my clinical practice. Bryce was clear, concise and easy to learn from. His knowledge on the history, application and clinical integration was fantastic, making the concepts from the weekend easy to apply immediately with my patients. I would highly recommend taking ELDOA with Bryce Turner at the first opportunity you get.