Bryce is the Co-Owner and Founder of Beach Fitness, Inc. established in 2006.  He has combined over 15 years of education and experience refining his practice and developing his own program, BeachFit Balance™ – a comprehensive program built to a client’s individual needs.  Bryce is attending Académie of Sutherland for a degree in Osteopathy, taught by world renowned Osteopath, Guy VOYER DO.  Concurrently, he completed VOYER’s SOMA Training and Therapy programs since studying underneath him since 2012.

BeachFit Balance focuses on restoring the highest level of health in the body by incorporating specific osteopathic exercise, proper nutrition, and corrective modalities that support and maintain long term benefits.

This programming was influenced by years of transforming people who could not get the results they needed or wanted by only chasing “symptoms”.  Through proper methodologies of biomechanical assessment, program development, and state of the art osteopathic fitness techniques clients can recover from pain, injury, and dysfunction by addressing the “cause” of their problems.

Bryce has developed a team of BeachFit Balance advanced trainers and therapists that assist at all levels of injury rehabilitation, performance development, and improving the overall balance of the body.

“Balance is attained by improving posture and alignment, restoring function to the body, healing digestion, and elevating the level of fitness allowing the body to return to its quality of life.”

~Bryce Turner

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